International Union of Languages and Translation is an international organization for translators, linguists and languages and translation institutions worldwide. The union aims to

  • Promote communication, integration and exchange of experiences between specialists, translators and linguists of different language combinations.
  • Support the efforts of individuals, governmental and civil institutions, states, national, regional and international organizations and bodies concerned with languages and translation.
  • Open new horizon and create common interests that serve the cultural, scientific and technical diversity and other vital fields where nations and communities contribute through languages and translation.
  • Rely on the national language as a communication tool with foreign languages through linguists and translators working from and into the national language.
  • Encourage scientific research, studies and projects that serve languages and translation at the national, regional and international levels.
  • Develop common languages and translation projects for governmental and private institutions.
  • Document the efforts of translators and linguists by publishing their CVs, in order to communicate with them and to preserve their history and work over the years. In addition to benefiting from their experiences and expertise in the languages and translation services.
  • Pay attention to the quality and the continuing development of languages and translation institutions.
  • Facilitate the academic accreditation for educational and scientific institutions of languages and translation.
  • Pay attention to laws, legislations, rules, standards and regulations of the languages and translation profession.
  • Hold courses, seminars, conferences, exhibitions and other events to contribute to the development of languages and translation.
  • Gather translators and linguists to discuss ways of cooperation and resolution of the languages and translation challenges .
  • Strengthen and develop the relationship between the national language and the foreign languages.

Important notes::

The Union grants institutional and individual memberships for persons interested in languages and translation according to the Articles of Association thereof.

Any and all national languages and translation institutions, translators and linguists working in different language combinations are entitled to become official members of the International Union of Languages and Translation and to participate in the languages and translation projects organized by the Union.

The Union welcomes and encourages every professional translator and linguist to become a member of the Union and to participate in its various projects.