The Importance of the Conference Participation

The researcher may participate in the conference by choosing one of the conference themes. However, he/she may choose from other themes provided that the chosen one is related to translation. Then, researcher puts an appropriate title to their research and submits the abstract thereof according to the criteria and guidelines set by the Conference. The abstract must be sent to the Conference management via the Conference website according to the steps outlined therein.

In fact, languages and translation are not just a scientific discipline. It is a civilizational and cultural responsibility shared by countries, individuals, and governmental and private institutions. The art of languages and translation is closely related to education, labor market, media, management, industry, technology, scientific publishing and the exchange of knowledge among international communities. Furthermore, languages and translation ensure any and all transactions between individuals and institutions.

In this sense, there is a wide range of languages and translation themes that might be interesting for researchers whether in the scientific, educational, technical, intellectual and cultural fields or in pedagogy, labor market, management, media and other vital fields.

The Conference considers all the themes in relation with languages and translation theories and strategies. Professionals from different backgrounds (specialists, interested persons, linguists, translators, interpreters…) have interest in conducting a research, working paper, report or initiative.

The Conference also welcomes all research, studies, and working papers dealing with themes related to languages and translation and its connection with other fields.

Therefore, it is imperative to integrate the theoretical and practical aspects as well as the labor market needs.

Procedures of participation in a research paper

Any and all persons interested in languages and translation, from researchers, specialists, officials, translators and interpreters to governmental and private institutions, shall submit their researches, studies, initiatives, working papers and reports, taking into account the following:

Reading and understanding the Conference themes in order to consider the possibility of studying one of them.

Discussing any and all themes related to languages and translation, even if they are not included between the Conference themes.

After choosing the theme that the researcher wishes to present at the conference, he/she shall write an abstract clarifying said theme while taking into consideration the criteria set by the conference for abstracts.