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The effect of the mobile exchange method and the Noor method for developing drainage learning skills in the twenty-first century


Many of us say that exchange science is difficult, difficult to understand and difficult to teach, this research presents the two creative and interrelated methods of the researcher through her experiences in teaching the Arabic language in Malaysia, and this research is to consider the effects of using the mobile exchange method in the teaching of exchange science and the method of light in the application of exchange science and its link to grammar .

Research aims :

Knowing the extent of the impact of the mobile exchange method and the Noor method on developing Arab drainage skills and its application in expression.

Questions answered by the research:

How do you know the connection between exchange and grammar? What is the effect of the mobile drainage method and the Noor method on the connection between drainage and grammar? Is the mobile exchange method and the Noor method for developing Arab exchange skills affected?

Research Methodology :

The experimental likeness, and the measurement of the pre and post exam and the study sample from university students in the third year who specialize in the study of the Arabic language, and the sample was divided into two groups, an experimental group and a control group.

Search tools :

The measuring tool is one of the questions that assesses the skills in understanding and applying exchange skills.

How to analyze the results:

The result indicated that there are statistically significant differences at the level (0.05) between the experimental group and the control group.

Conclusion and recommendations:

This indicates that our generations are now affected by the method of mobile exchange and the method of light in understanding the skills of exchange and its application linked to the science of grammar in expression, so the teacher must change the behavior of education to the effective learning management of students, this, that the methods of learning for our generations are now completely different from the above, and that From the impact of the development of information and communication technology, and they do not accept the opinion that says that there is difficult information or difficult science, and they have all the information that can be spread and presented in the best way to make it easy, but even easier using the technology, and the most important thing is how to design and organize the difficult information with a clear system so that Being easy to understand and easy to apply to, this study has led to this idea of ​​Arab exchange, because many of us say that Arab exchange is difficult to understand the procedures for forming words and diversifying vocabulary according to their various meanings and difficult to apply them derivative and morphological, because the method of mobile exchange provides how to design and organize it in an accurate design and clear organization .