1. The researcher shall, after choosing and understanding the research topic, ensure that:
  • The research topic is related to languages and translation.
  • The researcher identifies the topic or issue to be presented at the conference.
  • The researcher writes an introduction explaining the topic of their research paper.
  • The researcher determines the objectives or the main question of the research;
  • The scientific method adopted in the research; and
  • The tools used in their research.
  • The researcher explains the analysis or presentation method of the topic.
  • The researcher provides the conference with insights about the research outcomes or recommendations.
  1. The researcher shall respect the number of words required with font size (14);
  2. Proofread the abstract;
  3. Respect the deadline of abstract submission; and
  4. Submit said abstract to the conference administration via the online participation template on the conference website.
    • The researcher will receive an email confirming the receipt of their abstract, if this is not the case, please contact the conference to get further information.
    • The Conference tries to link languages and translation with different disciplines and professions in order to enhance decision-making, and serve languages and translation policies that reform the status of languages and translation at the individual, institutional and state level in its governmental and private institutions.
    • Please benefit from the abstract writing template to write your own research abstract.