The benefits of the International Union of Translation’s membership and services include:

  • Getting a Certificate of Membership
  • Invitation to attend the official meetings of the Union
  • Participating in the elections of the General Assembly and the Board of Directors
  • Participating in the committees and bodies of the Union
  • Displaying your CV and personal photos on the Union’s website
  • Displaying your CV and personal photo on the website

Terms and Conditions of Membership:

  • Completion of the online membership form
  • Acknowledgment
  • Online submission of the required documents in the membership form
  •  (Free Membership for two years)
  • Maintaining communication with the Union and responding to all correspondence.

Institution addresses and information

Person in charge of the institution

Official documents

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Upload File
I hereby certify that the information submitted in the present form is true and correct, and that I assume full responsibility for the information provided in the present template. I pledge and understand that, if the information is proven to be incorrect or contrary to the present acknowledgment, the Union has the right to cancel membership. I also affirm that the Union is not responsible for our words, acts or practices that contradict the principles and objectives thereof. The Union may cancel my membership, without prior notice, when necessary to protect the interest thereof.